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Charlottesville Choice Homes is a team of local real estate experts ready to reveal the secrets of how we can help you sell your home. From setting the price to creating marketing campaigns for traditional media and Web, we’ve got a proven plan that will match your home with the right buyers for the right price. We are committed to fast, professional and courteous personal service to help you understand and feel at ease throughout the home selling process. Our trained agents specialize in the Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna real estate markets and are prepared to sell your home to the right buyer for the best price.

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When it comes to selling your house, you probably want to get the most money you can in the least amount of time, with the least amount of hassle. To help you create the best pricing strategy, we've compiled research and advice from leading experts to give you the very best answers to the most common pricing issues and questions.

This is the result of countless hours of market study, including the review of thousands of survey responses, as well as list price and sold price data from literally hundreds of thousands of transactions. And the research is clear: pricing a house for sale correctly from the start is one of the most important factors in ensuring that the house sells quickly and for the highest price possible. The very best agents know the secrets to pricing a house right. And now you will, too.

In this video, we'll explore how the market determines price, the value of improvements, alternative pricing strategies, and what it takes to make the most of changing market. Armed with this information, you and your real estate professional will be able to make the best, most informed decision possible.

Even the best houses on the market still face the issue of getting buyers' attention to show them that it's better. And that comes down to price, because that's how buyers search for homes.

Today almost 90% of buyers use the internet to search for homes. And the majority of agents use the internet to notify their clients of the best homes.

Let's consider how a typical online home search is conducted and you'll immediately see why it's important to price your home correctly.

The average home buyer enters in just a few search criteria: price first, and then number of bedrooms and bathrooms. And from those three items, a typical MLS will display hundreds, maybe even thousands of homes that meet the buyer's needs. From that list, the buyer and their agent quickly scroll through to find the few homes that they want to visit in person.

Search results group homes in price "brackets" or ranges—which may be ten thousand dollar or twenty-five thousand dollar increments. It varies. But the fact that these brackets exist and drive what buyers and their agents see is critical in pricing right.

When you price your home out of its optimal price bracket, a buyer sees homes in the next price bracket, which may be larger and have more features and amenities in comparison to your home.

Effectively what you're doing is ensuring that people who search in the higher price bracket will find your home among hundreds of other homes that may be newer, bigger, and perhaps have more amenities.

And keep in mind that the buyer and the buyer's agent are eliminating choices immediately without ever setting foot in the home -- based only on online descriptions that put your home at a disadvantage. By pricing your home in the next price bracket, your home could be eliminated, without ever being seen by the right buyer.

What's worse, the right buyers -- those searching for a home just like yours, and all that your house has to offer, may not even see your home in their search results and wouldn't have the opportunity to make it one of the few they tour in person.

To compete and win, your house has to offer the most room and amenities for the best possible price compared to competing sellers' houses.

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